The Lodis Brand in Canada

One of the best undiscovered brands in the fashion world is Lodis. Even though they have high quality bags for professionals (and you would think that it would be a large market and everyone would want a Lodis Audrey) they still don’t seem to have the traction that they deserve. We know that their line of handbags can carry a full array of laptops, notebooks and ipads all while looking amazing, and yet, not every woman is carrying them. So we’d like to ask the question: Why not ?


Lodis handbag marketing

Our first guess is that the company marketing the Lodis bag isn’t as aggressive as they could be. We often see great products fail to succeed due to a lack of marketing and/or sometimes a lack of production. For instance, try finding Lodis’s Youtube channel! Sure they have a Facebook account. However, it is simply unacceptable for a company to not have a Youtube channel, especially when you’re selling fashion accessories that people want to feel and experience before they purchase. And Pinterest? They are a fashion outlet’s dream social network. If you sell handbags, purses, totes or wallets, you need to be on there!

lodis handbag 2

Fashion is always changing

So where do they get their exposure? Well, they are in some retail stores which is great but that won’t drive the demand. Instead, you want to have such a demand that retail stores are begging you to carry their line. Not the other way around. As time passes, customer evolve and these days, most of the shopping decisions are made before the customer even gets to the store.

lodis trend 3We can see from this Google trends screenshot that Lodis is being stable and not engaging in aggressive marketing.

Comparable Brands

While the competition, such as Knomo, is working to expand into new markets, they seem to be concentrating on their products instead of exposure. Their new bags such as the Audrey Brera are fantastic however no one is likely to see it unless they get it into magazines or in the hands of celebrities.